Fundacja Naukowa im. Floriana Znanieckiego

Florian Znaniecki in Poznań (map, photos, text in English)

Florian Znaniecki was the founding father of Polish institutional sociology. In 1920, he established the Department of Sociology and Philosophy of Culture at the Poznań University, one of the first in the world. From 1927, the Department offered the first independent sociological studies in Poland. This brochure is intended to recall the places where the Department’s founder and first manager lived, worked and spent his free time.

Please see the brochure in PDF formats:

English language version: Florian Znaniecki in Poznań.

Polish language version: Florian Znaniecki w Poznaniu.

Florian Znaniecki in Poznań. Authors: Jacek Kubera, Łukasz Skoczylas. Publisher: Florian Znaniecki Scientific Foundation. Published in: 2020. First edition. Graphic design and photos of contemporary Poznań (unless otherwise specified): Maria Ancukiewicz.